Turnkey villas: a new subdivision concept in Castres

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Les iris de Villegagne is the first development of Groupe Promotion in Castres offering villas with top of the range services and all equipped.

It is a rare, even unique, residential development concept in France that was built in Castres. Groupe Promotion, based in Carré Gambetta, has created Les Iris de Villegagne. On a 2.5 hectare plot purchased in 2021 in the Palique sector, the developer has built 20 villas. Fully equipped turnkey homes that can also be furnished. “There may even be plates,” says Kevin, the head of this company, which was inspired by Anglo-Saxon concepts.

Arriving in Castres at the age of 14 from the north of France, Kevin has always “dreamed of being a promoter”. But without wanting to skip the steps. With a sales CAP in his pocket, he started working as a warehouse worker from 16 to 23 at the CCL in Castres, a specialist in the distribution of building products. He then became a real estate agent and builder of individual homes before embarking on real estate development.

“It’s à la carte, the customer chooses what he wants”

His first project will be Les Iris de Villegagne, which will take some time to get off the ground due to the health crisis. High-end serviced villas selling off-project and ready to move into. The kitchens and bathrooms are equipped. The land is lawn, fenced and equipped with a gate with video intercom. Paintings, tiles, wardrobes are laid. Even the decoration and furnishings can be designed. “It’s à la carte, the customer chooses what he wants,” explains Kevin, who even offers through his concierge service to fill the fridge if needed before the owners move in!

A top-of-the-range concept which according to him corresponds to the demand. «In a month and a half we sold everything», continues the 35-year-old promoter who works with a team made up of local artisans. The buyers are pensioners, Parisians, soldiers, hospital staff… The last building was handed over in July.

More projects to come

“There is a real need in Castres for rental properties and new villas,” continues Kevin, who also offers an “estate agents” section to manage his clients’ old homes. An investment fund even allows him to buy back certain assets. “We leave the client at his home until the work on his new villa is completed and we buy back his former main residence,” explains the professional.

A first subdivision that calls for others. A program is marketed at La Caulié in Castres, Sémalens and Viviers-les-Montagnes. And others are in the works from Travet to Castres and Roquecourbe.

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