Turbo, the M6 ​​cult show, makes the toy cars roar on the Albi circuit

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The members of the Turbo program, broadcast every Sunday on M6, have been in Albi in recent days. In particular, they tested two monsters from Mercedes on the track.

Impossible not to notice these two cars near the Albi circuit: on Friday morning a team from the flagship Turbo program, on an M6, was in Albi to test the last two Mercedes-AMGs. Two monsters of power and technology that have been pushed to their limits.

“These are the Mercedes GT 63 AMG, the most powerful car produced by the German manufacturer, and the SL 63 AMG, a jewel of technology, explain Etienne Bruet and Stéphane Capela, two journalists of the show, the subject of about ten minutes which will be air within 15 days on M6″.

Before embarking on the circuit, the two journalist presenters were the day before on the roads of the department, in the gorges of the Tarn and near Puycelsi, Cordes-sur-Ciel and Ambialet. And the day before, at the end of the day, the show had made static shots in front of the Grand Théâtre.

“We support the Albi circuit”

“We come quite regularly to the area, underlines Etienne Bruet. Albi, we like it because there is a road circuit and an acceleration track (the track of the aerodrome, ed.)”. And the Turbo team says it loud and clear: “We support the Albi circuit, we are fans of this magnificent infrastructure. This circuit is full of history, it is a real monument”. A bit like the show, older than the channel (it’s already 36 years old) with an average of 1.2 million viewers.

During filming, the team carried out three tests: one on the open road, one on the track and one on a circuit. The two Mercedes-AMGs come from a workshop in Toulouse and were therefore subjected to a whole battery of tests. “With the GT 63, we reached 275 km/h, anticipates Etienne Bruet. It’s crazy and he still had some under the pedal. This car has 843 horsepower, a 0-100 in 2 seconds 9 and a 0-200 in less than 9 seconds!”

The two cars posing on the circuit.

At the end of Friday morning, it was the SL 63 – a magnificent convertible coupé – that was in the spotlight on the circuit. “The purpose of these shots is also to show that this vehicle has a sporting vocation and that it is also made for the track, explains Stéphane Capela. The Albi circuit is perfect for this.”

The price of these two wonders remains… and that’s another story. Count almost €250,000 for the GT 63 and more than €180,000 for the SL 63… We’ll therefore be content to see them at work within 15 days on the M6.

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