TRENDZ, episode 10: cars without a license, the new love for teenagers

(ETX Daily Up) – The trend is for electric cars without a license among teenagers. If they still don’t have the right to drive their parents’ one, they are now crazy about vehicles without a license like the Citroën Ami, more fun and entertaining to drive than before, when these cars were considered old-fashioned.

Every week, journalists from the ETX Majelan editorial team unearth and analyze future trends that will shape our daily lives tomorrow! Work, technology, daily life, fashion, health, social networks… all these “trends” that you will soon hear about… are in TRENDZ!

In this tenth episode of TRENDZ, find out how freedom-loving teenagers fall in love with the little electric city cars they can drive from the age of 14. Whether it’s a fashion effect or a real social phenomenon, producers do not hesitate in any case to go and “revive” this new clientele.

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