Tree felling on the A69: an environmental association fired

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Against the A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres, the France Nature Environnement (FNE) association had asked the administrative court of Toulouse to suspend the felling of trees in Vendine.

Contrary to the A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres, whose construction has just begun, the France Nature Environment (FNE) association has asked the administrative court of Toulouse to suspend the felling of trees in Vendine. But the association’s request was denied.

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The council chamber judge noted in particular that nothing forbade the felling of trees, as the concessionaire Atosca had received all the necessary authorizations in this regard. In the Vendine area, twelve plane trees are particularly affected. “The environmental authorization application file expressly mentions the destruction of rows of trees, in particular in the municipality of Vendine, and provides for compensation measures which, at the state of the investigation, do not present an insufficiency” notes the administrative judge in his decision.

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Felling trees is legal

The council chamber judge concluded “that the tree felling operations envisaged in the territory of the municipality of Vendine are not manifestly illegitimate, in the context of the construction of the A 69 motorway, such operations cannot be considered, in any case, as constituting a serious and manifestly illegitimate attack on the right of all to live in a balanced and healthy environment”.

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Since the beginning of the week, environmental activists have been occupying the threatened plane trees to protest against the start of the work.

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