Toulouse: Téléo could go as far as Basso Cambo and Montaudran

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Jean-Luc Moudenc wants the urban cable car to be connected to lines A and C of the metro, as part of the city’s future mobility plan. By 2040.

“We have always said, from the beginning of the project, that we were designing Téléo as an extension to connect line A and the future line C”. One year after the inauguration of Téléo, on May 13, 2022, the president of Toulouse Métropole yesterday relaunched the idea of ​​extending the longest urban cable car in France (3km), both southwest and east of Toulouse, in a ring that connects the two underground lines A and C.
“After twelve months of activity, the success of Tisséo is not mitigated, it is a very great success,” said Jean-Luc Moudenc, who celebrated this Monday afternoon, May 15, at the garage workshop of the Paul-Sabatier cable car University, first anniversary of Téléo and its 1.6 million trips in one year. “It’s an innovative service that brings more into people’s lives,” continued the mayor of Toulouse. “With 6,000 travelers a day on weekdays and 4,500 on weekends”, according to Jean-Michel Lattes, president of Tisséo Collectivités and Tisséo Ingénierie. “It has found its audience,” adds Serge Jop, president of Tisséo Voyageurs.

Expires 2040

“The future will be to write the next urban displacement plan (PDU), after 2028, we are already working on it with 120 municipalities”, added Jean-Luc Moudenc, who wishes to include the two extensions of Tisséo towards Basso Cambo and Montaudran. “We are about to have a planning document with a timeline in two or three years”, continues the president of the metropolis, who specifies: “The PDU opens a period of ten to fifteen years from its adoption, i.e. a deadline of 2040”.
Jean-Michel Lattes completes: “The Basso Cambo park and ride is already ready for this possibility of extending Téléo”.

A long maturation to come

A double extension project that will however require lengthy procedures: studies, public inquiry, consultations. The locations of the future pylons which should support the two new branches of Téléo are not confidential.
The overflight of the university property to reach Montaudran seems to have the consent of the University, with a possible service from the south of the Aerospace Campus (towards the B612 and the sector laboratories). A feasibility study has been carried out, recalls Francis Grass, but a precise route is not currently envisaged. The urban density of the territories flown over would not be an obstacle, nor would the relief.
Currently the connection with Basso Cambo is carried out by bus 25 while the future Linéo 7 will connect UPS to Montaudran and Saint-Orens in two years.

Social conflict in Tisséo: the firmness of Moudenc

” Hold on tight ! “The president of Toulouse Métropole launched this Monday 15 May to Thierry Wischnewski, general manager of Tisséo Voyageurs, on the sidelines of the celebration, in Toulouse, of the first anniversary of Téléo. A firm advice from the mayor of Toulouse to the head of public transport in the agglomeration, in a context of social conflict and tug of war with Tisséo employees who are demanding that their salaries be aligned with inflation. The inter-union announces a four-day strike at the end of May. “It’s not popular” , comments Jean-Luc Moudenc.

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