Toulouse: after the tapas bars, a Rosa Negra nightclub takes the place of Monsieur Carnaval

the essential
Vincent Vaissière and Julien Roumagnac open their nightclub, the Rosa Negra Discotheque, on Thursday 23 March at 11pm. They keep the same concept of tapas bars: Southwest and Spain.

Located at 34 rue de Bayard, in the place of the former Monsieur Carnaval nightclub, the Rosa Negra Disco opens on March 23rd. “What can make the difference compared to other nightclubs is our entrance concept. From shorts to dresses, the unemployed, students or entrepreneurs, it’s an open box for everyone ”, explains Julien Roumagnac, co-director of the establishment with his friend Vincent Vaissière.
The place keeps the same concept and the same colors (yellow and red) as the tapas bars Rosa Negra, boulevard du Maréchal-Leclerc and in Victor-Hugo: the South-West and Spain. A team of around ten people is already ready to welcome Toulouse fans into the atmosphere of the fair, from Thursday to Sunday.

300 people waited

While the venue is still in full swing, with decorations and painting, the owners have set attendance targets for the evening: “We hope to welcome 300 people immediately and on other evenings we want to reach 400, or even 500 revelers. »
In order to further diversify its clientele, the two-story disco will offer two types of music. “On the ground floor there will be generalist, urban and fair music, while the basement will be dedicated to house-type sounds, details Julien Roumagnac. Customers will then be able to navigate between the two atmospheres. »
The 38-year-old restaurateur wants to “revive the spirit” of Monsieur Carnaval, who has been animating Toulouse evenings for years.

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