Toulouse: a generalized blackout affects various areas of the city

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A power outage hits the city of Toulouse on Tuesday. The reasons are still unknown as of noon.

Several districts of the city of Toulouse are affected by a gigantic power outage this Tuesday March 14th. The reason for these cuts observed in the center or in Empalot is unknown. No connection with time has been established.

Electricity comes back at 1pm

The power outage affected a large part of the Toulouse hypercenter at the end of the morning. The electricity was out of order in Saint-Cyprien, in the court district, in Saint-Michel, in Carmes or even in Empalot… The lights no longer worked in some sectors.

Several shops in the Saint-Étienne district and rue Croix-Baragnon were plunged into darkness for long minutes. And for some, the electricity came back at 1pm.

Enedis, no answer

When questioned, the manager of Enedis was unable, at 12:30, to indicate whether this general yielding could be explained by an accident or by a voluntary gesture by agents opposed to the pension reform. Many shops and restaurants were left in the dark around noon.

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