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His localized T-shirts with his airport bulletin board typography were seen around the world. Kapitales, an Albigensian company founded in 2016, continues its rise with a new brand ambassador: Patrick Sébastien.

It is no longer necessary to introduce Kapitales, the Albigensian company that has made popular t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts dedicated to the names of cities from all over the world down to the smallest villages with typography inspired by airport scoreboards. Created in 2016, the company has experienced a meteoric rise and now has a network of over 700 partner stores throughout France. The collections are renewed and the latest, inspired by the legendary American universities but with a local twist, is a great success.

And Kapitales now has an ambassador and an important collaborator since the Tarn company has partnered with… Patrick Sébastien! «It all started with a meeting in Martel, the village of Lot where Patrick Sébastien lives, explains Henrick Thouvenin, founder of the brand. At a partner shop, Chez Monsieur Etienne, he came across one of our Martel University t-shirts and had a flash. Then he asked to get in touch with us.”

An exclusive collection

With his “Martel University” sweater, Patrick Sébastien goes to television sets and in particular to Cyril Hanouna and Jean-Luc Reichmann to whom he proposes Kapitales t-shirts. The publicity stunt is instantaneous and a story of friendship is created between the artist and Henrick Thouvenin.

“He had a project for an album and wanted us to make some clothes,” underlines the Albigensian entrepreneur. This is how we launched an exclusive Patrick Sébastien capsule collection on the occasion of the release of his album Damn, that’s great on April 28. The affective contract has become professionalised.

Patrick Sébastien on a television in the “Martel University” sweater.

On the album cover, the singer and now former presenter therefore poses in a “made in” Kapitales sweater. And his flowery universe is found on t-shirts, sweatshirts and other mugs: “Damn it’s fantastic”, “Sardines”, “While it lasts”… “Patrick Sébastien is someone who talks about cities and villages, he has this image and it is our same philosophy, adds Henrick Thouvenin. He regularly travels through France and its village festivals. The meeting with Kapitales and his heart cities was obvious!”

Musicians and dancers in Kapitales

The link between the Albigensian brand and the artist goes far beyond the simple collaboration given that Kapitales now dresses the musicians and dancers, about twenty in all, for his big tour as happened recently in Condom (Gers) for the Banda Festival .

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“It is true that he brings us an audience, acknowledges Damien Chanrion, Henrick’s partner. We do it with passion, as he and the story of Kapitales seduced him. There are real exchanges on the collection, he brings his ideas and we are the the ones who do all the design.” And add: “he doesn’t play a character, he says what he does and he’s a man of his word. We also liked that one, who speaks to us”.

With its team of around fifteen now crammed into their premises in Castelviel in Albi, the Albigensian company is implementing its concept with around sixty products. And this summer, the brand will be on display in all the villages of France on the occasion of Patric Sébastien’s tour. A real success story. And while the great adventure lasts!

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