This Launaguet residence has been heated throughout the winter by computers

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In Launaguet, north of Toulouse, the “Les Sables” residence of the Les Chalets group is heated with digital radiators.

“This project is a social, economic and ecological improvement”, rejoiced Louis Palosse, president of the Les Chalets group, this Friday in Launaguet, in front of the occupants of the “Les Sables” residence and an audience of elected officials, including Michel Rougé, Mayor.
Louis Palosse has revised all steps and new installations allowing this residence of 59 units, built in 1991, to be ecologically cleaner. This rehabilitation, launched in 2018 as part of the “NoWatts” project of the Occitania Region, was designed to best meet the needs of the inhabitants of the area.

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Therefore, several changes have been made, starting with the introduction of digital radiators. Installed by the Parisian company Qarnot, which has signed a ten-year contract with the lessor, this computer equipment is a computer intended for businesses. These are decentralized data centers: they are equipped with three computers that give off heat when they perform calculations.

Radiators perform computer calculations

“In concrete terms, digital radiators provide IT calculations on behalf of companies, through a decentralized management system, using very high-speed internet. However, the tenant remains in control of turning the systems on and off according to his needs. ” explains the Les Chalet Group.

After a test phase during the winter period, the process is a success and allows the residents of the residence to obtain a refund of up to 30% of their energy bill. A certain economy accompanied by the implementation of other changes. The bathtubs, for example, so far present in the apartments, have been replaced by showers and reused in the condominium garden of the residence as portagers. Thus, the TerroCiel agricultural design office supports tenants and landlords in the development of these gigantic planters. Once a month, a TerroCiel member visits the site and conducts a planting or soil management seminar.

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