This kit helps visually impaired people take pictures

(ETX Daily Up) – Now there’s a way for the blind to use a camera properly. A new technology allows the image captured by the device to be projected directly onto the retina so that people with visual impairments can still take quality photos, like everyone else.

A first kit will soon be marketed, the result of a collaboration between Sony and the Japanese startup QD Laser. It consists of Sony’s DSC-HX99 compact camera and QD Laser’s Retissa Neoviewer. It is a viewfinder that uses laser retinal projection technology, capable of displaying a color image with a definition of 720p. It consists of projecting the image to be captured directly onto the retina, so that it can then be photographed or filmed correctly. Thanks to this kit, you can make fast autofocus and take good quality pictures like a person who sees perfectly. This solution, in fact, allows visually impaired people to be able to photograph everything around them in a relatively clear way. This kit is expected to be released exclusively in the US next summer, at around $600.

Laser retinal projection is a completely new technology, a specialty of Japanese startup QD Laser. In addition to using a camera, this technology also offers a new way to see landscapes and faces, to read road signs, all via retinal projection.

According to QD Laser, this system is ideal for people with various eye disorders, such as myopia or astigmatism, so they can see a relatively clear image. But be careful, not all victims of visual impairments, especially the most handicapped, will be able to benefit from it in the same way.

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