They are making their peaceful Vélorution so that the bicycle occupies a larger place in Cahors in complete safety

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The Vélorution de Printemps is a peaceful initiative in Cahors in favor of cycling and its enthusiasts who are demanding more safety in the city and cycle paths consistent with the safety that cyclists have the right to expect in accident-prone areas. Date of this meeting: Sunday 28 May.

The Vélorution collective was not born to bring the voice of protest to the cycle paths that are gradually being set up in Cahors. But don’t count on Max and Nicolas to say that everything is perfect in the best of all worlds.

They prefer the cycle paths of Cahors, but they prefer real tracks where cyclists don’t live on the same road with cars. The layout of the medieval city’s streets doesn’t help.

Sectors prone to accidents

“The real problem in Cahors is that we have quite remote sleeping areas. People who live in these areas have great difficulty getting back to the city centre. They are forced to cross roundabouts, faster entries, in short, sectors at risk of accidents. it is precisely on these specific roads that we have to work, there is basically the possibility of creating a cycle path in the Pal plain, from the Terre-Rouge district to the city center of Cahors, etc.” consider Max and Nicolas.

Make consistent use of government aid

“All of this appears in the city’s cycle plan, which we don’t contest at all. The government has set aside a budget of 250 million euros a year for the construction of cycle paths, over a total of 5 years. Cahors should take advantage of it. It must be consistent. This is why our collective asks for real cycle paths and that the cycle plan takes into account the need to secure cyclists on these specific routes. Here, let’s face it, we share the road in full with the cars. This represents a real danger,” he underlines Nicolas.

Works to be carried out on several traffic routes to be made safe for cyclists

The collective believes that it does not expect extravagant things. He hopes that his well-argued proposals can legitimately support the cycling plan presented and implemented by the town hall of Cahors.

La Vélorution 2022 on the Valentré bridge, in Cahors.

“We have to work on several portions including the very important north-south axis, between the Sainte-Valérie district up to the road to Toulouse” resumes Max.

He believes that “establishing 30 zones in the city is not enough. Some motorists say they are only there for cycling”. This is not entirely true. Not in traffic conditions that are ideal for two-wheelers such as cars.

The Spring Velorution, Sunday 28th May

On Sunday 28 May, the collective invites the Cadurciens to join it at 2.00 pm in the Intermarché car park in the Terre-Rouge district, from where a bike ride will start, on Boulevard Gambetta, then along the quays, also to finish this journey close A The Angel of the Lazaretthe monumental bronze by the sculptor Marc Petit located in front of the tympanum of the north portal of the cathedral.

The snack out of the bag and the choir Los Bramaires it will give the festive color desired by the collective to this meeting around cycling and soft travel. Scooters are welcome.

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