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(ETX Daily Up) – Thanks to artificial intelligence, Midjourney has now established itself as a reference point for the creation of images from simple text. Now paid (from $10 a month), Midjourney has no shortage of free and very efficient competitors. The images may not be as stunning as in Midjourney, but these services will allow you to practice and master the “tips”, these requests that allow you to obtain absolutely one-of-a-kind images.


It is undoubtedly the most famous alternative, published by OpenAI, already at the origin of ChatGPT. DALL.E allows you to generate quality images thanks to simple requests, with the possibility of then refining the image quality and even retouching it, removing or transforming certain elements. Everything is available for free with a simple OpenAI account, the same as ChatGPT, for about fifteen requests a month. What’s more, you’ll have to get your hands on your wallet.


Bing Image Creator

This service, which only requires a Microsoft account, is based directly on DALL.E technology, accessible free of charge and without limitations this time.

Try Bing Image Creator:


Originally, Craiyon was called DALL-E mini, actually being an open source copy of OpenAI’s DALL-E project. Since then, the tool has progressed and offers nine images for each prompt. The result is not always up to par and it is therefore better to be as precise as possible in your requests. Fortunately, unlike DALL.E, Craiyon is free no matter how many requests you make.

Try Craiyon:

Leonardo AI

Very promising, Leonardo AI presents itself as a very powerful project for the generation of new images. The site aims to be a specialist in the artistic creations of imaginary worlds, characters and unpublished objects. This platform is therefore perfectly suited for budding game developers or artists. After some hints, many settings like background removal or even resolution change can improve the rendering of the image. Again, the number of requests and changes is limited in free mode.

Try Leonardo AI:

In all, there are already more than a hundred online tools that allow you to generate images from text, available today.

When the brains of artificial intelligence repent and warn of its danger.

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