The vice presidents of Occitania as butchers and florists for a few hours

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As part of the “Spring of proximity” which will take place from 21 March to 21 June, Jalil Benabdillah, Vice-President responsible for the economy, employment, innovation and reindustrialization of the Occitan region and Muriel Abadie, Vice-President responsible for sustainability tourism, leisure and hydrotherapy in the region, put themselves in the shoes of the craftsmen in L’Isle-Jourdain this Wednesday 31 May.

By putting themselves in the shoes of local artisans for a few hours, this is what regional vice presidents Muriel Abadie and Jalil Benabdillah did. The goal: to show the importance of local shops which allow “the maintenance of the local economic fabric and the revitalization of historic centers and hamlets”. This Wednesday, May 31, two artisans from the city of L’Isle-Jourdain were waiting for the elected officials.

“I get up at 4 in the morning to be able to go and select the flowers and plants I want. During the day I’m often on my feet, I clean the shop regularly,” explains the manager of the flower shop, Renaud. After explaining everything to the two vice presidents, it’s time for them to make their own bouquet of flowers. “It’s an art, a know-how, not everyone can be a florist,” says Muriel Abadie. Renaud shows them different techniques for drawing a beautiful bouquet. With concentration and desire, Muriel Abadie and Jalil Benabdillah learn the symbolism of each flower.

The two vice presidents tried to prepare a roast, laboratory prepared by the butcher Philippe Delai.

After the florist, the appointment is made with an artisan butcher from L’Isle-Jourdain, Philippe Delai, who welcomes them and presents the workshop he has prepared for them around the orloff roast. “Are you ready? Be careful, I’m not kidding,” says the butcher shop manager with a smile. Muriel Abadie takes charge of her, visibly more comfortable than her colleague. The butcher teaches them different things to know and now it’s their turn to get their hands dirty.

Neighborhood shops: survival of historical centers and hamlets

328,000 is the number of companies in Occitania. According to Pierre Azemar, president of U2P and CGAD Occitanie, “it is a militant act to buy premises and support these local businesses and we must continue in this momentum”. He adds that this support for communities is “very important”. Muriel Abadie says she is “very impressed by this device which allows for a better understanding of these professions” and assures that “everything must be done to ensure that local businesses and artisans continue”.

Jalil Benabdillah underlines this “essential link” between merchants and their customers. Coming from a village himself, he says he knows the importance of supporting local artisans and promoting “more qualitative” short-circuiting.

This “Proximity Spring” initiative continues until 21 June and several parliamentarians have already lent themselves to the game by discussing various topics with artisans and traders such as the increase in the cost of raw materials or recruitment difficulties.

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