The Tourism medal for “Napoleon” Bardet, the year of the bicentenary of the famous cutlery of the National Square

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In the bicentenary year of the family cutlery, Jean-Claude Bardet was awarded the bronze medal for tourism… much to his surprise.

At a time when the Place Nationale is running for the title of “Favorite Monument of the French”, one of its most famous tenants, Jean-Claude Bardet, is being honoured.
The name of the Montalbanese cutler appears in the promotion of the tourism medal on 14 July in the company of Isabelle Favrot, director of the Lauzerte equestrian center.
Sport is the link between the two Tarn-et-Garonne bronze medal winners. Need we remind you that Jean-Claude Bardet is the irremovable president of the Olympic and Sports Departmental Committee (CDOS 82)?

But his friend Jean-Claude wonders what earned him this honor conferred by the Minister of Economy and Finance and his colleague Minister Delegate for SMEs, Commerce, Crafts and Tourism. “I have been looking for two days who proposed me for this award. I have a question because I’m not chasing medals. This is undoubtedly related to this 4.82 m2 corridor,” confides Jean-Claude Bardet.

This “corridor”, as he calls it, is the place that has housed Napoleon cutlery since 1823, under the arcades of the Place Nationale. The 200 years of a business run by the same family for 5 generations, this had earned him a nice article in “La Dépêche” in the spring… undoubtedly enough to draw attention to this shop which is definitely a tourist attraction.

We can’t recommend too much to summer visitors visiting the town of Ingres to stop in front of the Napoleon cutlery display case, preferably in the afternoon when the owner of the place (who is recovering from a bad fall) is present. They will surely enjoy the unofficial guide of the now tanned National Square!

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