The reasons for the anger between restaurateurs and the Hang’Art of Agen

the essential
On Monday, the managers of the solidarity restaurant in Agen wanted to dialogue with the world of catering. Dialogue interrupted due to lack of participants.

The dish does not lack salt and pepper, but the dose of peppers could make it unsuitable for consumption by the solidarity restaurant Hang’Art in Agen. On the left, this sign of the social and solidarity economy founded during the winter of 2018 boulevard Lacour. On the right, the union of hotel and restaurant establishments (UMIH 47).
Its president Adrien Pedrazzi takes a few days to make his arguments count in response to the accusations of lobbying and underhand kicks launched yesterday by Hang’Art officials. “I’m in Poitiers,” he explains. “I have topics to bring forward but I want to present them above all to my board of directors. »
Hang’Art’s encounter with the world of restoration – whose goal was to dialogue without seeking universal harmony – allowed director Elodie Férezin to explain the five-year journey, and the current impasse where even the idea of a supportive restaurant is being questioned in the medium term. “If a solution is not found in the offer, we close at the end of the year. »

70 meals served

In this beautiful city of Agen, rumors often go faster than reality. Sometimes the former catch up with the latter. If thus this Monday it was not possible to have the feeling of Adrien Pedrazzi, Elodie Férezin put the points of her on the “i”. Yes, Umih 47 officials recently forced Hang’Art vendors to stop selling fruits, vegetables and meats for the preparation of low-cost meals offered every week.
Hang’Art offers menus designed from these non-expired foods. Every day, 70 meals served, at €11 during the week, €0.70 earned per menu. It’s a restaurant, of course, but “those who come here wouldn’t go to a restaurant without Hang’Art,” says the director. “Our competitors are bakeries that offer sandwiches and coffee shops. Not the restaurants in town. We precisely avoided settling down in the rue des Cornières or in Gravier. »

Unfair competition”

However, it is unfair competition of which Hang’Art, a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC), ie 115 members, is accused. It is a restaurant for its cuisine, service and proposed menus. It’s a UFO in the landscape. Élodie Férezin reiterated it, Hang’Art is based on the pillars of the “fight against isolation”, the “promotion of social ties” and a “reliable economic model […] The social and solidarity economy is social diversity. » 12 permanent contracts, half a million for operating expenses and income. Inflation has reached the establishment budget, +102% in a few months. “We struggle on a daily basis, but we cannot be the scapegoat for the tension that exists in the restaurant industry. »

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