The Quercy black truffle expert, Lotois Pierre Sourzat, has just passed away

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It is a disappearance that plunges Lot into deep sadness. Pierre Sourzat, great truffle specialist, left this Sunday. A look back at an outstanding man with an outstanding career.

To say of Pierre Sourzat that he was one of the most eminent ambassadors of the Quercy truffle, Tuber Melanosporum, is not betraying the truth, on the contrary. The Lotois departed on Sunday after battling a long illness. Leave the memory of a passionate and fascinating black truffle specialist.

This former senior engineer of the Lot Department, was one of the founders of the Cahors-Le Montat truffle station in 1986, he was also responsible for it until his retirement in 2016. His commitment to promoting the Quercy truffle has earned him numerous awards including that of Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor, but also of Officer of Agrarian Merit and even of Knight of the Academic Palms.

In Lalbenque, at the truffle market.
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A native of Lot, originally from Payrignac, he was viscerally linked to this terroir. He had a taste for good things as much as simple people. Always welcoming, always smiling, he has impressed many Lotois with his kindness and helpfulness.

From Lot to the four corners of the world, he shares his knowledge of truffles

A specialist in Tuber Melanosporum, his expertise in this exceptional mushroom has been appreciated far beyond the borders of the Lot. He has lectured all over the world, in Egypt, New Zealand, Chile, etc… And he was also invited to the United States, for an international forum at the “National Truffle fest”, in 2011, South Carolina.

Very young he experimented with the cultivation of truffles like a scientist to better understand the growth of this strange mushroom.

Very young he experimented with the cultivation of truffles like a scientist to better understand the growth of this strange mushroom.

It was during an internship at the INRA of Clermont-Ferrand in 1974 that his path crossed that of a young researcher, Gérard Chevalier, who had developed mycorrhizal plants. Since the beginning of the 80s, he has embarked on the adventure with the first truffle plantations. Science has penetrated the mystery of the Quercy black truffle…

In 2016 the circle came full circle, Pierre Sourzat helped to give back to the truffle its place and all its letters of nobility, he then organized the International Congress on mycorrhizal mushrooms, in Cahors.

The Lotoise editorial team of La Dépêche du Midi deeply moved by the passing of Pierre Sourzat, at the age of 71, presents its sincere condolences to his wife Annie, as well as to his relatives.

His funeral will be celebrated on Thursday 20 July in the church of Saint-Barthélémy, in Cahors, at 9:30, before a burial in his village of Ussel in the intimacy of the family.

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