The “Perles de Gascogne” oils continue to develop

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Two events have just marked this long first quarter for “Perles de Gascogne” oils and its director Nathalie Barrère: new awards for her oils and an important development in cosmetics.

The “Perles de Gascogne” company began its adventure quietly in 2001, at the foot of the Pujols hills. Its ambition is to produce rare, high-quality oils from plum seeds, an essential raw material in the industry. « Et depuis 2028, nous sommes régulièrement primés par l’Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA) pour la qualité de nos huiles, qu’elles soient destinées à la consommation ou à la cosmétique » explique Nathalie Barrère, president of the agency.
Also this year 3 oils were awarded. “We received a silver medal for our roasted hazelnut oil, a bronze medal for our prune almond oil and a gourmet bronze for our organic hemp oil. These awards are a real recognition of the profession and allow us to make ourselves better known, both locally and internationally”.
We remind you that the AVPA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, essentially made up of producers and taste enthusiasts. the Association aims to contribute to the best development of agricultural production and to the recognition of producers of excellence too often forgotten in the face of the imperatives of mass marketing.

“From food to cosmetics, the step is only one step”

In addition to food, which everyone knows well in the use of flavored oils, the cosmetic industry is the main consumer. “You must know that the same oil, if obviously of high quality, can be used both for human consumption and in the field of cosmetics. From food to cosmetics, the step is short. It will be its use to change in the preparations. This is why we were happy to welcome the Cosmetic Valley structure at the beginning of the month, which works at a regional and national level to structure the world of cosmetics in Aquitaine by getting closer to the different players operating in this field”. And above all add. “90% of our oil production is destined for cosmetics. Both for large groups, but also locally with local actors making artisan soaps in the department. The fact of having been admitted to the Culinary College of France also allows us to find ourselves on the biggest tables in France, as well as those of the department”.

The structure of cosmetics

At the beginning of the month, “Perles de Gascogne” was visited by Cosmetic Valley. Who are they ? “Cosmetic Valley is the leading global network in perfumery-cosmetics, coordinator of the French sector. The association brings together all the company’s know-how, from plant cultivation to finished products. Its mission: to promote the France brand through innovation, exports, business, employment and training, to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of research laboratories, businesses and territories, to share challenges and opportunities in the sector at the service of the economic development of the sector. “.
That day, Cosmetic Valley brought together various players in the New Aquitaine sector to visit the family business “Perles de Gascogne”. Around twenty people thus set out to discover the history and know-how of this creator of rare and precious oils in the heart of southwestern France. Received by Yvon Ventadoux, mayor of the commune of Pujols where the company is based, and Guillaume Lepers, here as president of the Community of agglomerations of Grande Villeneuvois, the various sectors of activity of this cosmetic sector were able to visit the “Perles de Gascogne Were present: ingredients, brands, robotics, packaging, custom formulation, fat specialist and even a high school teaching at BTS Métiers de l’Esthétique Cosmétique Parfumerie. Everyone was delighted to take the time to discuss, understand each other better, discover each other, in a friendly atmosphere.
For Nathalie Barrère, “For Cosmetic Valley, this day is part of a program of regional actions, which contributes in particular to the promotion of regional agricultural products, bringing innovation and modernity. And it is important for us and for all these sectors to have such partners who support us, promote our products and offer us outlets in new markets”.

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