The Oasis of the Ziss family or Lot’s success story of the kings of American vintage and outdoor furniture

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This unique place created in 2013 is called Oasis. We are going to drink up our thirst for good ideas for the garden and rather vintage and made in USA furniture, given that the Ziss family company has bought all the shares of an American company specializing in objects and furniture from the years Sixties and seventies. Once upon a time there was America in the lot, in Espère.

The success story of the Ziss family, who founded their company at 10 rue de la gare in Espère, was forged over the years and by an evolution and then by economic orientations rarely attempted in the business world.

Diversity: this is the word that best characterizes the strategy of Marine, Ghislain (the brother) and Michel (the father), the three partners of this company which does not know the crisis. Even the Covid epidemic and its various phases of confinement, which have damaged the economic sector of the Lot, have not had the better of this company.

With its wide range of products (decoration, leisure, kitchen, DIY, wood, outdoor, etc.), the Oasis has recovered very well. Paradoxically, the health crisis has also done good for this society.

The health crisis has allowed the Oasis to become better known and to flourish

“People can’t come to our site, so we’ve developed our ordering service and especially our home delivery capabilities. As a result, we’ve communicated a lot and this has made our company even better known. Now, the people who had ordered some of our products come and see our new products on site” explains Marine Ziss.

Portugal and the United States, two great partners of the Ziss family

Garden statues, ceramics, pizza ovens and cast aluminum garden furniture are some of the great novelties mentioned by Marine. This material comes from a company based in Portugal. But one of the main countries that supplies the Ziss family with products that are popular with consumers is the United States.

A throwback to the happy days of the 60s and 70s

By purchasing all its vintage and new equipment from a failed American company, Oasis has filled its shelves and stock with an inexhaustible source of pleasure that takes us back to 60s and 70s America and its colors gaudy.

Low and high tables, sofas in the very typical snack-restaurant style as seen for example in the Happy Days series, brighten the days of many Lotois, who do not hesitate to make this trip to the States in Espère. This is only by walking around the Oasis before often falling in love with a beautiful object. Elvis is very present there, Marilyn Monroe too.

A new warehouse is opened in the Dordogne

In a space entirely dedicated to the country with the starry banner, objects with the effigy of famous American brands, vintage pubs, paintings and all a very exotic, fun and refreshing decor. Vintage destocking is one of the strong ties of this company which, victim of its own success, has opened a new warehouse in Saint-Geniès, in the Dordogne, in Les Landes.

Finally the Facebook page to the destocking of the oasis, under construction, plays the card of modernity to the max for vintage. Another paradox, but a brilliant idea that puts Oasis at the forefront of innovative companies on the Lot to offer everyone “a lot of pleasure” (a lot of pleasure) propelled by a little bracing wind from the USA.

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