The misadventure of a woman from Toulouse who claims she was served unleaded instead of diesel

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A Toulousaine is sure he won the diesel pistol and was served unleaded. Technically impossible, according to the gas station management.

The misadventure experienced by a woman from Toulouse might make one smile, if it hadn’t had devastating effects on the mechanics of her vehicle.
On March 6, Caroline says, she presented her credit card, selected diesel at the automatic pump at Carrefour Purpan station, and popped the “Diesel+” gun into her vehicle. They charged her 90 euros, she went home. A few days later, when she got back to the car, she stopped after “less than two kilometres”.

No other testimony

At the workshop that fixed it, we are clear: in her vehicle, it is not diesel but super lead-free what is in the tank… According to Caroline, it was not she who made the mistake, but precisely the sign which would have served unleaded instead of diesel. She also provided us with the payment ticket, where it is clearly written that she was served diesel +. “I didn’t get the fuel wrong, because if you choose diesel on the car and take the lead-free gun, nothing comes out. There is security. »

2000 liters of this fuel served every day

A version that we submitted to the management of the brand, who affirms that what Caroline said is simply impossible: “Every day we serve about 20,000 liters of conventional diesel, and about 2,000 liters of “Diesel+”, the fuel chosen by this customer. That’s at least thirty vehicles. And we have had no other errors of this type. No one came to tell us it was served unleaded instead of diesel. No breakdowns were to be deplored. Also, for this, our supplier should have made a mistake when filling the tanks. Which is technically impossible, because there are safety measures at all levels», explains the site manager.

It could be a harmful act

Caroline, has turned to her insurance, which at the moment does not cover vehicle repairs. “There are more than 2000 €,” complains Caroline, who she is self-confident. “Perhaps there was an intentional act, while her vehicle was parked under her house, and someone put lead in her vehicle,” inserts the mechanic who examined her vehicle, in the Flambère district.
“If we have proof that we made a mistake, we will be able to recognize it”, concludes the director. But there, I don’t see how we could be responsible. We have checked all our bank statements on the date indicated by the lady and there are no discrepancies.

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