The image of the Olympic swimmer Antoine Viquerat managed by Lotois Thomas Ganzel, student in Toulouse

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Vogue the galley for a sponsorless sportsman who wouldn’t take care of his image. Thomas Ganzel has the keys to prevent him from pulling out the oars. Assisting Olympic swimmer Antoine Viquerat. This is his mission in his work-study cycle. This former high school student from Cahors has been able to catch the right wave. He is enrolled in an undergraduate program and is heading directly to a master’s degree. In addition to managing the image of Antoine Viquerat, Thomas Ganzel is looking for sponsors for this promising swimmer. Come on, let’s dive with Antoine into the life and professional research of this equally promising student.

Swimmer Antoine Viquerat, semi-finalist at the Tokyo Olympics in the 200m breaststroke, splashes his talent on the lanes of his Dauphins du Toec club in Toulouse as do all the observers who see in this promising youngster a great hope of French swimming. But first a serious medal chance at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Among those who are convinced and conquered by the talent and sporting abilities of the Toulouse swimmer is a certain Thomas Ganzel enrolled in Toulouse in the third year of a bachelor’s degree at Amos Sport Business School, in a work-study program in the 2J Performance company directed by Julien Montagne.

Thomas Ganzel is very valuable and a particularly active relay in the life of Antoine Viquerat.

A strong bond in an important sector

“2J Performance is a sports marketing agency. I also work with Sophie Duarte, manager of a communication company», explains the former student of the Lycée Monnerville in Cahors. More than just a sports enthusiast, this young rugby specialist who is preparing a thesis on rugby in the Basque Country becomes, during his studies and his work, a strong link in an important sector: the sponsorship and communication of business.

The image and convincing reflection of an athlete at the service of the company

This, above all, around the swimmer Antoine Viquerat who will be able, in a certain way, to send back to the general public the reflection of the level of performance of the companies he will represent or at least the image that they want to embody through him. The spirit of winning.

Antonio Viquerat: "For a company to be visible, the best way is to support athletes."

Antoine Viquerat: “For a company to be visible, the best way is to support the athletes”.
Photo Michel Viala

Thomas plays the trump card

It stands to reason that this “winning” wizard must also stick under the skin of the sportsman in search of sponsorship and financial backing.

In short, in his intelligent argument, Thomas Ganzel plays the trump card. What’s good in terms of benefiting the company must also be good for the athlete.

Antoine is aware of this complementarity (read below). This relevance sometimes escapes the economic world and that of top-level sport. Thomas is there to bring these two worlds together.

The book of Antoine Viquerat: a beautiful work by Thomas Ganzel

The former high school student from Cahors has decided to conquer his future in Toulouse to continue his higher education in a field where events and sports go hand in hand. Next year he will be enrolled in a Masters.

“Within the company we take care of the image and the partnerships that sportsmen and women have to forge. For my part, I dedicate myself more particularly to Antoine, for whom I created the partner book which includes his list of awards, photos, texts and a phrase that marked his career. This sentence is: Swimming is a sport that allows you to discover yourself, surpass yourself and achieve extraordinary things. Antoine wants to represent France at the Paris Olympics and get a medal,” confirms Thomas.

Antoine Viquerat aims for a medal in Paris.  He has the means for his ambitions of him.

Antoine Viquerat aims for a medal in Paris. He has the means for his ambitions of him.
Photo: AFP

Thomas and Antoine bound by the desire to win

Brilliant student, with an inspired and persuasive pen in Antoine’s book, Thomas would swim in total happiness if he could later, at the end of his university career, find a company that creates events. “I like managing athletes and organizing events. It’s all very rewarding. I’m looking for breakthroughs,” he confides.

His know-how would give a boost to the life of companies, because Thomas is teeming with ideas. For the moment, it’s not a question of skipping a lesson and relaxing for Antoine as this swimmer gets wet body and soul to reach the grail: a medal in Paris in 2024. If he succeeds, whatever the color of this one, there will be some ‘ by Thomas around Antoine’s neck.

Three questions to Antoine Viquerat

What benefits do you think you can get from your cooperation with Thomas Ganzel and the 2JPerformance company?

Different aspects: Swimming is a sport with little media coverage, not having a relationship limits partnerships so collaboration allows you to build a network and an image in this world. Furthermore, the fact that we are all located in Occitania is a great advantage for internal communication. Searching for sponsors is not an easy job and a real source of stress for an athlete in full preparation, so this collaboration allows me to be able to devote myself to the sporting aspect and “delegate” this mission to the company.

Can your sports ambitions for the Paris Olympics be boosted by partnerships and help you prepare better?

When you’re a top-level athlete and you’re preparing for the Olympic Games, representing the country but also the companies and brands that trust me is a source of great pride for me! It’s a real boost to the support that companies offer me. It is also, at the same time, a financial boost.

You are currently swimming in the right direction of the current. What would you say to companies so that they don’t hesitate to take the plunge with you?

All companies dream of sponsoring the Olympic Games for the visibility it can offer them. For a company to be visible, the best way is to support athletes, it’s much easier to access and more rewarding for us.

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