The good choice of Clément and Adrien

Satisfied, it seems, with having set up a commercial space for the sale of cars in our commune, our young compatriots, sons of the place, Clément Laurens and Adrien Vaysse, have opted for their long-term establishment, now managers of the Flaugeac company Cap de Girou. Bernard Flaugeac, apprenticed with his father Irénée, then joined here, well assisted by his wife Claudette, and greatly valued their bodywork business, mechanics of all brands, sale of new and used cars, repairs, vehicle rental. Since January 1, Clément and Adrien, in their thirties, have happily welcomed a clientele that has remained faithful, as well as new ones, confirming their recently made choice of professional activity.

With the continued practice of car sales, high-level marketing, as they operated, the new bosses of the LV-Automobile company are well perceived in the Villeneuvoise economy panel. If Bernard and Claudette Flaugeac are very happy to see the entire professional of their working life in good hands, the Villeneuvois of the place and its surroundings appreciate its maintenance within our walls and congratulate these new craftsmen-traders for this, towards all of whom wish good progress.

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