The family saga at the Gaec des 7 Lieux of Cancon

In 1980, Jacques and Jean-Pierre Reigne exploiting a hundred hectares/mixed agriculture and plums (2.5 ha) created the “Gaec de Jean-Blanc”. 4 years later, their wives Huguette and Claude joined them. It was then that the hazelnut arrived in the company.
In 1985, the creation of the Gaec de Soubiranne followed: Rolland, Daniel and Claire Vidal established themselves on 50 ha in polyculture (tobacco, melons and 5 ha of plum trees). In 1990 Jean-Luc Moreau entered the Gaec Jean-Blanc with 12 hectares of plum trees.
In June 93 the 2 Gaec merged and this gave life to the “Gaec des Sept Lieux” with Huguette, Claude and Jean-Pierre Reigne, Jean-Luc Moreau, Claire and Daniel Vidal. In 1998 Huguette retired and Michel Reigne joined the Gaec, which he left 3 years later (personal reasons).
And it was in 2008, the entry of 2 new partners: Luc Vidal and Matthieu Reigne and plantations of the first 5 hectares of walnuts! 2016: withdrawal of Daniel Vidal and entry of Guillaume Reigne 2017, death of Claire Vidal; 2019 withdrawal of Claude and Jean-Pierre Reigne and withdrawal of Jean-Luc Moreau (personal reasons).
“In the 7-place GAEC, there are 3 partners left: Guillaume and Matthieu Reigne, Luc Vidal) with 3 permanent employees and 1 apprentice.
As with many farmers, the “Gaec des 7 lieus” has suffered many disasters: the 1999 winter storm which blankets much of the plum orchard in Beaugas and requires the army to raise the trees; Storm of 2003 on Monflanquin in June with uprooting of 1/3 of the plum trees; Storm of 2006 in Beaugas at the beginning of July with uprooting of 1/3 of the plum trees; help neighbors and friends restore the orchard. Very nice remarkable solidarity!
We all share this philosophy: “Sometimes we go faster alone, together we go further” (African proverb).

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