The donut is making its mark in France: 3 things to know about this donut that has become trendy

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The emblematic pastry of the United States is all the rage in France. Many shops have sprung up in recent years, a testament to the growing popularity of donuts in the French mouth. The “donut” or donut has its own worldwide celebration.

The popularity of donuts is experiencing an unprecedented craze in France. The openings of shops specializing in the sale of these donuts with holes have thus caused endless queues, even last week in Tarbes. If Homer Simpson, the famous character from the American television series still has one of these sweets in his hand, he certainly does not suspect that it comes directly from … Europe. The shipment invites you to discover 3 things to know about this sweet circle that the French are learning to appreciate.

A story that begins in Holland

The “olykoeks”, ancestor of the donut, appeared in Holland in the 18th century. At the time, Dutch settlers made it their travel companion to the United States. The hole in the dough appeared much later for reasons that still remain rather vague. Some see it as a practical culinary innovation, others evoke the adventure of a captain facing a storm at sea: he would have skewered donuts on the rudder to continue eating while staying on course.

The donut helped warm the hearts of American soldiers during both world wars, making it a patriotic symbol in Uncle Sam’s Land, these famous sweets to Americans as they tried not to die.

A resounding success in France

Over the past two years, the Dream Donut franchise, specializing in the sale of bespoke donuts, has made its mark in France. Since the inauguration of the first store in Valenciennes in 2021, a further 48 outlets have been opened in the area. On the menu, gourmet flavors and highly creative mixes. The house offers 1,820 different models to satisfy all taste buds. In Tarbes the success was so strong that the franchise was forced to close its doors for an afternoon after being robbed.

“The donut will experience the same growth in the coming years as the biscuit ten years ago,” says Christophe Bal, director of Dawn Food France, a company for pastry chefs and bakers, on the Neorestauration specialist site. A popularity that is felt in French pastry shops, yet very fond of their pastries, whose stalls are now adorned with the famous American beignet.

A dedicated world day

National Donut Day has been celebrated every first Friday in June in the United States since 1938. It was launched by the Salvation Army of Chicago to pay homage to the famous “Doughnut Girls” (see above) who handed out donuts during World War I.

Today this holiday has taken on an international dimension and is celebrated in many countries. Further proof of the ability of American culture to spread at high speed around the world.

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