The dematerialized driving license for everyone from 2024

(ETX Daily Up) – The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced that the dematerialized driving licence, available on smartphones, will be extended to everyone starting from 2024. However, it will not be mandatory and the paper license will obviously still be valid to demonstrate one’s ability to drive.

After the identity card, it is then up to the driving license to dematerialize. Its digital version will soon be available on smartphones via the France Identity application.

A first experiment with the dematerialized driving license will take place later this year in three departments (Eure-et-Loir, Hauts-de-Seine and Rhône), before the system is truly deployed everywhere in France in 2024.

This digital version has been designed to make people’s lives easier, as this dematerialized permit will obviously be valid for any identity check. This device was also developed to be able to prove one’s identity during online procedures, whether it is to rent a car or do car sharing.

This dematerialized license will concern all holders of a driving licence. Please note that those with an old permit, in pink paper format, must have already entered their national electronic identity card (CNIe) in the France Identity application in order to add their permit. It will then be available via the Portfolio tab. We remind you that the France Identity application, developed by the National Agency for Document Security (ANTS), is still in an experimental phase.

To register it, nothing could be easier. Drivers will have two options: scan the QR code on their Restricted Information Statement (RIR) or import their rights by remotely querying the Road Safety Delegation (DSR) database. In both cases, the permit is downloaded into the application and can be viewed with or without an internet connection.

It should be noted that after the identity card and the driving license it should be the turn of the Vitale card to be dematerialized, by 2025.

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