The cost of the future Layrac complex estimated during the budget orientation debate

the essential
The city council discussed the municipality’s guidelines and the figures related to the Petro 2 stadium project, among others, fueled the debate on the budgetary direction.

Claude Raymond, financial assistant, gave a clear presentation, based on a projection of tables, first analyzing the implementation of the 2022 budget in the light of past years. 2022 confirms the growth in revenues, especially for service products. An increase in tax revenues of 5.24% should be noted. Operating costs are stable.

As regards investments, the average income in 2022 is 823,000 euros for 1,400,000 euros of expenditure. The local direct tax rates are renewed as they have been since 2016. For Layrac, the municipal roads are transferred back to the municipality from 2022, which gives rise to the allocation of the compensation, i.e. €90,000 of operation and €11,500 of investment. In 2022 the financial surplus was €809,294, gross savings €578,904 and net savings €340,7436 equal to 10.47%.

A long-term vision

The investment program covers the period from 2022 to 2026. It concerns the development of the secretariat, the continuation of the creation of the school canteen and the construction of the municipal complex. The expected cost of the latter amounts to €8,174,488. Unforeseen charges are foreseen which bring the sum to 9,068,988 euros. Estimated revenue includes revenue excluding subsidies: €1,850,000 (development fees, agglomeration compensation), miscellaneous subsidies for €3,729,829, or a total revenue of €5,580,483. The financial requirement would therefore be €3,488,505. If €2,185,588 is deducted, between the net savings and the surplus carried over from 2022, the financial need is only €1,786,364. It can therefore be seen that there is still room for maneuver of over 700,000 euros which can absorb unforeseen expenses.

Three previous loans expiring by 2026, the municipality can calmly evaluate the planned investments. It plans to take out two loans of 1,000,000 euros and 1,500,000 euros, for a period of 25 years, with a rate of 3.2%. First summons in 2023 and reimbursement begins in 2024. Second summons in 2024 and reimbursements begins in 2025. Before closing the debates, the mayor wanted to be reassuring and conciliatory towards the “Eveil Citoyen” association, of which three members were present , which was created to denounce this project of a too expensive complex according to its initiators. With a clear demonstration, Claude Raymond has tried to demonstrate that municipal finances can support these investments.

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