The Coprover company leaves its historic headquarters for a modern factory on the Causse in Castres

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The glass promotion counter will move from the Mélou-Chartreuse area to install itself in a larger and more modern factory under construction on the Causse. The company, which specializes in the cutting and shaping of high-performance glass products and which continues to develop, will be able to increase its production and recruit.

It is a historic Castres company that will take on a new dimension next year. Created in 1967 and revived 14 years ago by Didier Philipou,

The Comptoir de promotion du verre, better known by the acronym Coprover, will move from its historical location in the Mélou-Chartreuse area to a new, larger and more modern industrial site under construction in the commercial area of ​​Causse, on land located roughly opposite Les Fermiers occitans.
The company, which specializes in cutting and shaping high-performance glass products to respond to large complex architectural projects throughout France, will invest 10 million euros in this project. “We had obsolete warehouses and machinery, explains the boss Didier Philippou who will thus double the surface, from 3,500 m2 to 6,500 m2, and will benefit from new, more efficient machines to increase and improve its production capacity. Everything will be automated for less handling and less waste”.

“To stay here, I sold the motorway arrival to the shareholder”

Between 10 and 12 people will be hired, bringing Coprover’s workforce to 65 employees. “We aim to increase our turnover from 11.5 million euros to 15 million euros within two years,” continues Didier Philippou, who was able to realize this project by involving a partner who became the majority shareholder, the independent group Glass Partners solutions based in the Basque Country, which has an international presence, which has a turnover of 170 million euros, 12 subsidiaries and employs 350 people. A shareholder who brings a great impact in Coprover to move on even if the company has not stopped developing since its creation.

But it was not easy to convince him not to move the company to Toulouse, where he already has a small branch of 10 employees created in 1989. Although his teams deliver and install everywhere in France, Didier Philippou absolutely wanted to stay in Castres and in his native region to which he is “very attached”. “I sold him the arrival of the motorway which we need for personnel safety, to save time and for the transport of glass which is a fragile product”, explains the company manager who often prefers to have his trucks pass through Castelnaudary, rather than the current Toulouse road, to avoid “brakes and jolts”.

The new plant will be handed over early next year

The new Causse plant is expected to be delivered by January or February 2024. But in order not to interrupt production, the two sites will work together for the weather to ensure tiling. And the current premises belonging to the former owner of the business will then be put up for sale.
At 64, Didier Philipou will therefore be able to pass the baton on to his son Loïc, who is already present in the company, after this move. “I leave him a finished instrument to take over, smiles the boss who wants to take a step back to “have some fun” and travel in particular. But I’d be there to help him.”

Colombié Cadet will also move to the Causse

Coprover is not the only historic company from Castres to leave the Mélou-Chartreuse area for the Causse. Founded in Castres in 1867, the Colombié Cadet company, a company specializing in industrial technical trade and in continuous evolution, will transfer its headquarters and logistics base to the Causse to expand. The company’s shop, which sells a very wide range of products, mainly to professionals but also to private individuals, in tools, transmission, personal health and safety protection, machining, pneumatic components, compressed air, welding and assembly, lifting and handling equipment, capital goods, etc., will remain in Mélou. “Obviously we want to stay in Castres because I’m from Castres and the whole team is from Castres,” confided Olivier Colombié, the boss when the project was launched 4 years ago. Colombié Cadet bought land last April in a place called En Vieu Neuf in the Causse industrial park to build a 3,424m2 industrial storage and production site with 980m2 of office space.
The Causse is thus accentuating its role of hosting industrial sites while Mélou-Chartreuse is refocusing on commercial activities.

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