The construction site of the Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val solar park opens to the public

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This Saturday, a site visit to the Cloups Bergas solar park in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val is open to the public. A way for its project managers to find out about the city PV system concept they are developing.

Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées, Midi Quercy Citizen Energies and the municipality of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val are organizing a visit to the site this Saturday from 3pm which will soon house a small photovoltaic power plant in the town. Work is on track and expected to be completed soon, providing her owners with the opportunity to teach.

“We have already organized public meetings, meetings on the markets and this site visit is another way to explain our project, to present our values ​​and the challenges of photovoltaics”, explains Mathilde Galantucci, communication manager of Enercoop Midi-Pyrenees.

Respect for biodiversity

Located on the former landfill site, the plant will cover nearly 9000m2. A “modest” project, which will be difficult to see from the outside”, underlines the communication officer.

For this park, the location was decisive. “We are always looking for land that has no agricultural or economic use, that cannot be used for anything else,” he adds. And we try as much as possible to minimize the impact on local wildlife. A loose-mesh fence will be installed to allow the passage of small animals and there will also be passages to allow small animals to continue circulating, such as foxes or hedgehogs, fauna that can take refuge there, the ground will not be waterproofed which will also allow vegetation to continue to grow ” precise.

The solar park, which is expected to be commissioned before the summer, will produce, according to an estimate, 980 MWh/year. “This represents the average consumption of 300 households, or a third of the households in the country,” reveals Mathlide Galantucci.

This project will have required an investment of nearly 763,000 euros (272,000 euros financed by Midi Quercy Energies Citoyennes for and 491,000 euros by Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées).

A project on a human scale that fits into its environment

This solar power plant project was launched by a private developer. The latter having abandoned its construction, the town hall of Saint-Antonin had turned to two cooperative operators: Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées and Midi Quercy municipal energies.

The two cooperatives thus worked together to find a viable economic model. Thus was born the current project. A modest-sized project that “does not involve deforestation, as foreseen by the first leader”, underlines Mathilde Galantucci.

Saturday 18 March at 3 pm: Cloups Bergas solar park, Lieu-dit Sainte Sabine in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. GPS coordinates 44°08’16.8″N 1°47’05.6″E .

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