The Alberts, winemakers of the Tarn for fifteen generations, are launching an exceptional cuvée

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The Albert family is in the fifteenth generation of successive winemakers on the Labarthe estate, in Castanet, in the Tarn. For the occasion, the grandfather, his son and his grandson produced a special cuvée, called G15. A top-of-the-range cuvée for a high lineage.

The family tree is authentic: fifteen generations of Albert have followed one another in the land of Labarthe, in Castanet. A nobility of the soil, of the press and of the sweat where the blood is not blue but where the wine is red like the G15 cuvée that Jean, his son Jean-Paul and his grandson Thibault created from their oldest vines.

Jean, 86 years old, thirteenth link in this chain (G13), fell in love with genealogy, with the help of two regular customers of the senior and junior branches, Christine Denaux and Françoise Coustillas. Since 1986, a Guillaume Albert born in 1601 had the right to his cuvée, but prospecting has made it possible to trace it back to Hugues, born in 1550 and died at the age of 72.

The Albertine lineage is rustic since the son, also called Hugues, lived to be 102 years old. One of his descendants, green as spring, even gave birth to a girl thirty years younger than him. The direct line almost derailed once, but an exchange of lands between a pair of servants and the owner who had endowed them restored the logic of succession: Labarthe would remain with the Alberts, then with the boys in case of division.

Rejection of patriarchy

This family practice could have led to patriarchal behavior. “It’s not our case. Also, don’t give me the title of patriarch, I haven’t been involved in the management of the estate for a long time”, cuts Jean Albert, who devotes himself to photography and painting. His son Jean-Paul (G14) had a free hand before the age of 30, and Thibault (G15), born in 1991, vinified his first vintage at the age of 22.

Labarthe (88 hectares of land of which 68 are vineyards) is a reference label in Gaillac and beyond. Synonymous with consistency at the highest levels, between innovation and tradition. Perched over the centuries and dominating the valley, the Alberti don’t need to lift their necks. They have always shared their know-how and respond immediately when a young colleague asks them for advice.

Jean educated G14 and G15 according to these principles. The G15 cuvée is in their image: a red of finesse, full vat, with soft tannins, for immediate pleasure or for its aging potential. A cuvée of high lineage that still knows how to stand the test of time.

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