The 1st collective nursery of Toulouse is launching workshops to raise awareness of the benefits of plants

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The first shared nursery in Toulouse, created by the Pousses Ô Abris association, offers workshops on plants and seeds until mid-September.

On this Wednesday afternoon, Aude, concentrated, tries to recognize the different parts of a flower on a document that was given to her at the beginning of the workshop. Around her, a dozen other participants, mostly women, do the same. “Axillary bud, primary leaf, cotyledon…”

Claire Richardin, co-founder and project manager of the Pousses Ô Abris association (standing, left) describes the different parts of a flower to the workshop participants.

Claire Richardin, co-founder and project manager of the Pousses Ô Abris association, works to describe the characteristics of plants. Aude has come from the Saint-Cyprien district to follow this workshop which takes place on the site of the collective nursery of the Izards-Trois Cocus, the first in Toulouse to have seen the light.

“Recovery Plants”

«I make pesto with nettle flowers, I eat borage flowers», testifies the intern who is also a volunteer for the association. I like to broaden my knowledge of botany. We don’t know enough about these topics even if more and more people are interested since Covid. »
“The idea of ​​this laboratory, and more generally of the nursery, is for people to recover wild plants”, explains Sandra Caron, president of the association. Most of them have uses that are useful to us. They can also be useful for other plantings in the garden. »
In addition to these sessions which will take place until mid-September, Toulouse residents are invited to come and plant and grow vegetables. The association’s goal is to involve the inhabitants in “making the city greener by relocating responsible production to neglected urban spaces”. Hard to believe that before June 2022, the land now so green and flowery, was a barren parking lot.

Upcoming workshops: 26 July and 16 August (free): “What if we learned to cook, take care of ourselves, paint with plants? » Registration: [email protected] The workshops are financed by the prefecture and the city ministry.

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