TESTIMONIALS. MaPrimeRenov’: delay, locked file, scam… Individuals tell their galley

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Since 2020 MaPrimeRenov’ has allowed private individuals to request the disbursement of an aid bonus for energy requalification works. While some have been able to finance their work without worries, others, on the other hand, suffer delays and blockages, or even fall victim to scams. Testimonials.

“Two years later, I still haven’t received anything”

Jeanne, a resident of Revel, Haute-Garonne, has presented two premium claims. “A first, at the beginning of 2021, for the replacement of the windows, she explains. I found the site very well done for downloading the supporting documents”. Her file was quickly validated. However, months go by and she receives nothing. “Two years later, I still haven’t received any money… I’ve raised several times through the site, it’s impossible to do otherwise. I’m always told that the payment will arrive.”

At the same time, in 2022, he requests the device a second time, for the installation of a wood stove. “Curiously, this case was resolved very quickly. Within four weeks, I received the payment, reports Jeanne, incredulous. I don’t understand what is blocking the first one. Thinking of benefiting from this aid in a few weeks as announced, I put myself in a complicated financial situation”.

“The procedures are boring and complicated”

A galley shared by Jérôme. “Several months ago, I had a first contact with Rénov’Occitanie, to learn about the various aids I could avail myself of,” says this resident of Saint-Orens-de-Gameville. The organization therefore advises him to register on MaPrimeRenov’. “An auditor came to check the condition of my accommodation and simulated different scenarios regarding the overall renovation of my new home.”

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Today, however, the owner is angry: he has just learned that he risks not receiving the bonus. “I confused ‘registration’ and ‘request for help’, which had to be completed before the work started. While almost all other systems work after they are completed, he complains. In the end, one wonders if there are no announcement effects that make people work, and then drop the bonus requests because the procedures are so boring and complicated, or different from each other…”

“A refusal on the pretext that I will not be the owner”

For her part, Gisèle, a resident of Lavalanet, made a request for a bonus several months ago for the installation of a heat pump, instead of an oil boiler. “For the house next to mine, which I inherited, alone, from my parents, and which I rent”. Four weeks later, she received a refusal from the ANAH, “on the pretext that I would not be the owner of the accommodation, when I provided a notarized certificate and a certificate of ‘inheritance! ‘

The fifty-year-old returns the same documents, in vain… In March 2023 she then formulates an administrative appeal. To date, he still hasn’t had a response. “Besides, if it takes too long, I will lose the EDF aid that goes with it. Who are we kidding?, exasperated Gisèle. It’s really unfortunate, I’m trying to improve my tenant’s life, and to be in an environmental approach, and I find myself facing a wall”.

“The craftsman stole 8,000 euros from the state”

Hélène, was deceived by her craftsman. “I had requested the bonus for the purchase of a pellet stove and a dual flow CMV, explains this Haute-Garonnaise, which had to be paid directly to the company that had sold and installed this product to me, once the service was over.

However, the owner soon realizes that the stove is faulty and doesn’t work. “I immediately contacted the company, who assured me that they would change the product. In the end they took us around for almost a year. No one ever came”. At the same time, he approached the ANAH to delay the deal. “But despite our request, the full prize was paid to the craftsman, i.e. 8,000 euros.”

After a winter without cooking, Hélène takes legal action. She even brings in an expert to find out the stove isn’t working. “Today I won, the lawyer sued the company. But I’m still waiting. The company still robbed the state.”

“They created a file behind my back”

Vic-en-Bigorre resident Alexia was also trapped. Interested in the energy requalification works of her home, her mother made the mistake of filling out an Internet contact form on the site of a specialized company. “I was immediately called back. I specified several times that I just wanted a simple quote. They told me not to worry, explaining that they needed information to establish what I was entitled to”. She then answers many questions: “The size of my house, the number of people living in my household … They also asked me about my opinion on income and property taxes.”

However, a few days later, surprise: Alexia receives an SMS from the company informing her that her MaPrimeRenov file has been accepted. “I was really, really angry, they had created it behind my back! I immediately called them back, asking them to cancel everything. I was then passed by the manager who told me not to get angry and insisted on his ‘interesting’ offer”.

The next day he contacts France Rénov, who confirms that a file has indeed been created in his name, with a false email address and the company’s mobile phone number and an unsigned quote. “However, they told me there was nothing they could do and that I had to go through Franceconnect. Since then, since my email was hacked, it’s been really a hassle. For now, I’m stuck…”

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