Taxes: will you receive a refund from the tax authorities from this Monday?

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The tax authorities can send you a refund between 24 July and 2 August if you fit either of the two situations in question.

The 2022 tax return campaign ended on June 8 and the taxman is verifying the definitive amount of taxpayers’ taxes. However, some of you may receive a refund by wire transfer or check between July 24th and August 2nd.

Two situations may justify a refund from the tax authorities. First, if you are qualify for a refund of tax rebates or credits for expenses incurred last year. This can be the case for donations, childcare expenses, housework or rental investments, according to the Directorate-General for Public Finance (DGFIP).

If you overpaid in 2022

The second reason to get a refund is if your source deductionsin the year 2022, they were higher than the final tax that you have to pay. According to the DGFIP, this can happen if your income has decreased during the year and you have not declared it to the tax authorities or if you have late declared the birth of a child which entitles you to an additional half share.

The amount refunded corresponds to the excess of the tax withheld at source last year. If you are worried, there will be no need to take any steps and the refund will be made automatically with the wording “REFUND OF TAX REVENUES” in your bank account.

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