Taxes 2023: what is the “2OP” box on your return for and can it save you money?

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When reporting your income to the tax authorities, it’s easy to overlook some options that are still beneficial. The Midi Expedition decipher for yourself these errors and omissions to avoid. This is the case of box 2OP on investment income.

If you receive income from real estate capital (RCM) or capital gains on real estate values ​​(PVM), you are subject to a tax of 30% at the time of their collection (12.8% of the single coupon tax and 17.2% of the of social security contributions). If so, this 2OP square might interest you.

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What is the “2OP” box for?

This box concerns investment income, i.e. interest from investments such as taxed passbooks, or PEL (Plan Epargne Logement). These investments have been subject to the single flat-rate deduction (PFU) since 2018.

If the choice of ELT does not interest you, you can choose to tax this income (RCM and PVM) at the income tax scale. All you need to do is tick the 2OP box on your bid.

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By ticking the “2OP” box, you will therefore opt for taxation on the progressive scale. This option is already pre-checked if you ticked it in your statement last year.

To find this box, go to page 3 of the paper version of model 2042, or to part 3 – Income and expenses of your online declaration.

Who is interested in checking it out?

This can be useful for low-tax households receiving investment income. As detailed by our colleagues at CNEWS, if you declare less than 10,026 euros, i.e. the first income bracket, you are not taxable, and therefore will not pay taxes on your capital income. It is therefore interesting to check this box for yourself.

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For those who instead declare up to 26,070 euros of income (the second tranche), it may be interesting to tick this famous box because the percentage ranges from 12.8% with the ELT to 11% with the decreasing levy.

You can also find out more on the impots.gouv website or do a simulation of your income to find out if this option is more advantageous for you.

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