Startup: Promy, the Wikipedia land, settles in Toulouse

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Founded in 2018, the startup Promy, which aims to become a real “Land Wikipedia” and to shake up the construction market, arrives in Toulouse. In addition to unlocking land, it will allow sellers to compete with developers and builders.

After Lyon, Lille and Bordeaux, Romain Solenne, former president of Guy Hoquet’s franchisee association, and his start-up Promy arrive in Toulouse. Founded in 2018, Promy aims to become a real “Land Wikipedia” and dust off a still “archaic” market.

“The idea started from the observation that today there was no developer and builder comparator for private individuals. Our mission is to allow the seller to put professionals in competition to have the best purchase offer on the table, both in terms of conditions than in price, “explains Romain Solenne. Another goal of the start-up: to unlock land in a period in which it is becoming increasingly rare.

Unlock land

Therefore, the platform has set up an algorithm that allows it to retrieve all terrain-related data.

“We have created a Wikipedia of real estate and land data in France, completely free. It allows people to know the potential of their lot, as well as all the information related to it such as zoning, the PLU of the municipality, prices and their evolutions. .. All you have to do is enter the address of the property,” explains Romain Solenne.

To get this complete identity card for any property, the platform compiles 53 different data sources. “We are now in more than 36,000 digitized municipalities,” he adds.

5% commission.

From a business plan perspective, the startup is paid for by the developers or builders once the project is completed.

“Our algorithm allows us to determine, depending on the project, which is the best promoter in the best conditions thanks to a score based on 124 decision criteria, specifies Romain Solenne. If the individual does not pay any euros, the selected promoter must pay a commission of 5% on the purchase price of the land”.

Forty projects in Haute-Garonne

On the strength of its concept, Promy is counting on the development of some forty construction projects, or more than 500 individual housing units in the Haute-Garonne between 2023 and 2024. In total, the start-up has exceeded 3 million this year euros of turnover. ‘business.

“After an initial test in Lyon where we developed 55 projects, our franchising system has allowed us to multiply across the territory to aim for 15 million euros in turnover for the year”, concludes Romain Solenne.

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