South of Toulouse, the nascent battle between Intermarché and the mayor of Muret

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In addition to the many updates in the face of the recent controversy following the demolition of its burnt down shop, the Musketeers leadership does not plan to withdraw from Muret Sud…

Intermarché management obviously did not appreciate André Mandement’s reaction during the recent demolition of his shop, which had been on fire since mid-March (see La Dépêche du Midi of July 14, 2023). Warned by the gang of the maneuvers taking place on site, the mayor of Muret did not hesitate to qualify the Musketeers as “thugs”, recalling that they did not have the authorization to demolish the building, even though Intermarché invoked “danger and imminent danger” to justify this emergency demolition.
This Friday, July 21, the Inter management returned to the charge against André Mandement. In a letter of clarification addressed to the mayor of Muret, with a copy to the elected Muretains (city and agglomeration) as well as to the prefect of Haute-Garonne, the musketeers did not hesitate to cross swords with André Mandement.

“Alarmist remarks”?

“We remind (Editor’s note: to the mayor) that you have taken an order of imminent danger until the completion of the safety works, work that we have made every effort to carry out in the shortest possible time, especially since the presence of asbestos has been verified by a laboratory”, Intermarché said earlier. The Musketeers who also rely on the conclusions of a Commissioner of Justice sent to the spot. The latter confirms, among other things, that “there is the risk of spreading asbestos dust and a health risk due to the persistence of food residues inside the building”. Intermarché, which does not spare André Mandement by attributing to him “approximate and needlessly alarmist observations”, believes that he did so to have “avoided any pollution” and “protected the health of the Muretains”.

“Desire to perpetuate the presence south of Muret”

But the mayor of Muret does not budge, he who believes that without a demolition permit granted (1), “they had no right to act in this way, even though I understand that it is expensive to pay an agent who monitors the construction site day and night”… “And it is not the letter I have just received that will withdraw my complaint to the public prosecutor”, says André Mandement, annoyed by Intermarché’s insinuations:
“We have noticed that your mobilization and your enthusiasm are currently focused on the future commercial developments of the ZAC Porte des Pyrénées and the brands that will set up there (Editor’s note: where the agreement with Leclerc is mentioned, see La Dépêche du Midi of 15 July 2023). ” Les Mousquetaires who, at the end of their letter, cast no shadow of a doubt about their intentions: ” We confirm our firm will to perpetuate the presence of our Intermarché brand south of Muret, in order to continue offering Muretains local access to quality products and at the best price. »

(1) A building permit to which a demolition permit was attached had however been filed since June 7, without the instruction being successful, therefore not granted. Knowing that Intermarché had previously filed an initial demolition permit, which the management had subsequently withdrawn.

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