Sign. National Miners and Miners Day: A Remembrance Tree is planted

Firmi hosted the National Day of Mines and Miners (5th edition), which takes place in all former mining centers of France. On the Bassin, the municipalities take turns organizing this commemoration, set for March 10, the anniversary date of the Courrières (Pas-de-Calais) disaster, March 10, 1906, which killed 1,099 people.

Firmi, an important mining center from 1830 to 1910

“The younger generations may not know it, but Firmi was an important mining centre, from the 1830s to the 1910s, then with the discovery of Cerles, exploited between 1991 and 2001. Nature has recovered its rights, making Firmi the green and residential city center of the basin. This has considerably modified the locality where no trace of this great mining age has survived.

A territory marked by coal, by struggles and tragedies

Only the residual risks of the operations of that time remind us of our mining past”, explains the mayor of Firmi Jean-Pierre Ladrech. Indeed, the constraints of the PPRM (Mining Risk Prevention Plan) occupy and worry everyone. This vision in the mirror retrovisore also raises awareness that Firmi and the Bacino come from this period marked by coal, with its history, its struggles and its tragedies, forging personalities, commitments, instilling values ​​of solidarity, work, self-denial despite having profoundly transformed the landscapes.

After recalling the major disasters which have struck the basin and the post-mining reconversion which has met neither expectations nor hopes, Jean-Pierre Ladrech invited the former miners of the HBA (Houillères du Bassin d’Aquitaine) and the elected to plant a memorial tree for the miners and their work, near the old Ste-Rose school, which has been converted into apartments. Not far from there, at the time, was an open pit mining operation, bearing the beautiful name of “Elisabeth discovery”.

“With this symbolic tree we are filling a void in a sustainable way, because we have no monument or stele that recalls our mining past,” concludes the mayor of Firmin.

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