Shortage of medicines: a list of almost 300 medicines in “critical” situations studied by the Minister of Health

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On Tuesday 16 May, François Braun spoke of the shortage of medicines France is experiencing. The health minister assured that he had received a list of nearly 300 drugs in a “critical” state of supply.

Health Minister François Braun announced a list of nearly 300 medicines subject to supply strains in France.

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“I committed to a list of so-called critical drugs by the end of this month, I had a first list of 281 drugs exactly today,” François Braun said during questions to the government. This list “will be further modified because there are […] duplicates,” he added, in his response to MEP Béatrice Descamps (Liot).

“A White Drug Plan”

Faced with the “supply tensions” on some drugs, “the government is conducting a policy of concrete measures”, defended the Minister of Health, recalling that “measures have been taken against manufacturers in recent months”

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“There is also a winter plan, as we increase the consumption of certain drugs every winter, and a white anti-drug plan is also put in place,” developed François Braun.

And the objective shown by Emmanuel Macron of a return of “industrial sovereignty” to France “obviously also concerns medicine, with France Relance, France 2030 or yesterday again “Choose France”, where the pharmaceutical industries will invest more than one billion euros ,” he said. The health minister also praised action at the European level “to harmonize our policies in the face of shortages”.

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