San Gironi. Slow fashion and handmade at Caboche et Griotte

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The success of the crowdfunding campaign gives life to the project by Laëtitia and Jennifer, positive for the heart of the city.

We left them last May on the Ulule platform, where they were hoping to raise money to help them open their business. Now Jennifer and Lætitia, two longtime friends from Toulouse, are realizing their dream, the project of a lifetime.

The Caboche et Griotte shop-workshop opened on 16 June, rue du Bourg, in old Saint-Girons. “Here we offer second-hand clothes and sewing workshops,” introduces Laëtitia. Clearly, this project has been able to see the light in part thanks to this crowdfunding campaign. That’s great, and we thank all the people who contributed. We are very happy with this opening, because we are offering something we believe in. We are over the moon. “

This shop, which gives life to a building which until now has been neglected and renovated thanks to the benevolent collaboration of the owner, is aimed mainly at women and offers clothing and accessories.

“We source from professional thrift stores, charities, that promote professional reintegration. A selection cleaned, repaired and updated, then put on sale at moderate prices.”

Defending second-hand and reuse with an ethical side, far from “fast-fashion” (“fast fashion”) where excessive consumption often rhymes with waste, young women are also taking an interest in upcycling. “It takes old to make new. So, we’ll turn an old nightgown into a blouse and skirt suit, for example. We also make baskets, bags, bananas out of recycled material.”

If Laetitia offers her recycled handcrafted creations, she also intends to conduct sewing workshops (at the beginning of the school year in September) “to desecrate sewing, it’s easy and accessible to all!”. In small accompanied groups, adults and children will be invited to make the objects of their choice. “These aren’t sewing lessons. The idea is to start with a self-made object or garment.” The Caboche et Griotte shop has the space and equipment to do just that. The thrift store component is extended online at, via Instagram, to reach a wider audience with a “more up-to-date character selection”.

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