Salon de l’Habitat in Cahors: saving energy is in fashion

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It is the second day of the Salon de l’habitat, at the Parc des Expositions, in Cahors. In the “Home” section, here is a theme that attracts the residents of Lot: energy saving. In times of inflation, the latter are welcome.

Wind turbines, photovoltaics or even pellet stoves… In these times of growing inflation, all solutions are good for saving energy. The Salon de l’Habitat, at the Cahors exhibition center, is on time. Of the 50 exhibitors in the “Home” section, many stands are dedicated to this theme.

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Pellet heating

For heating, say goodbye to open fireplaces and stoves that date back 20 years. Make way for the new generation. “They make it possible to use 30 to 40% less wood,” says Frédéric Le Goff, director of the Lot Energy Cadurci agency. Concentrate on those that work with pellets. “There we halve the bills. First of all, pellets are cheaper. And above all more efficient. In terms of yield, we are at 90%. This means that there are almost no losses, everything burns”, he continues.

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There is another solution: mixed stoves that use wood and pellets. “In the event of a power failure, you can still use your heating medium. Furthermore, you can program it remotely twice a day. This really allows you to monitor your consumption,” concludes Frédéric Le Goff.

Pellet stoves have a 90% efficiency.
DDM Marc Salvet

Create your own electricity

To save energy, you can also create your own… energy. And above all its electricity. This is the case thanks to photovoltaics. “The goal is to energetically renovate the house by lowering energy consumption. First we take care of the heating system, hot water and insulation. Then, we finish with the installation of photovoltaic panels”, explains Aymerick Viana, commercial director of Novadia Energies . Thanks to this, energy consumption can be reduced by between 30 and 50%.

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“With electricity which has just taken 15%, there is an ecological awareness. It is a success, we have many requests. Many people stop by the stand”, continues the commercial director. The company is committed to the Lot Solaire department approach. This system provides financial support to people who want to start installing solar equipment. The amount of aid depends on the project.

Last little focus: water. AdouciLot offers a system to soften it directly at the tap. Above all, it is an economic choice: lengthening the life of household appliances, reducing the use of detergents. This also helps reduce energy consumption. The Salon de l’Habitat is therefore full of good ideas to reduce your bills.

Housing Fair, Parc des Expositions in Cahors, Saturday 10am to 7pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm Free admission, catering on site.

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