Saint-Just-sur-Viaur. A walk in Castelpers that gives you wings

the essential
A walk from the Roc de Miramont to Castelpers, commune of Saint-Just-sur-Viaur. Nature and villages to discover so embark on the adventure thanks to the good advice of the topoguides of the Aveyron hiking committee.

Between two picturesque villages, Saint-Just-sur-Viaur and Castelpers, there is a 3-hour hike, or 10.5km with 320m of cumulative elevation gain. For the more athletic it is also possible to do it by bicycle.

After parking in the motorhome area of ​​Saint-Just-sur-Viaur (1), start the run! Follow the D532 for 400 metres. After passing the charming Fédonie farm where a kitten can come and cuddle you, turn left to climb towards the plateau. Immerse yourself in nature, in the middle of woods and full vegetation. Follow the yellow beacons often located in a tree.

A path continues to climb, without particular difficulties, offering beautiful views over the valleys. Butterflies lovers will discover them during the walk…

Once you reach the plateau, you are in La Calmésie (2). Where you might meet sheep! Turn right and follow the small road for 2km to reach La Barterie. A few meters after the hamlet, a path on the left climbs towards the Roc de Miramont oppidum. A round trip that is worth it! At 552 meters above sea level, a 360° view of the Ségala, the valleys of the Viaur and its tributaries. Possibility to make a panorama for your Facebook and to have a picnic there for a moment near the clouds. After this pleasant moment, get back on the road and continue left for 100 meters. Attention, turn into a hairpin bend onto a grassy path which, between oaks and chestnut trees, walks to the side (3). Quite a downhill path, nice for an in-depth discussion along the way. Don’t get too carried away and follow the yellow trail signs so as not to miss the descent to Castelpers. An outlet on the D10, turn right for 150 meters to arrive at the symbol of this village: the castle with red shutters (4). A castle located on the banks of a river: the Céor. Cross it using the bridge, follow the road for 300m, then cross the Giffou and turn right to start again in the midst of the fauna and flora, but this time under the river’s edge. Nothing better than being lulled by the sound of the water! After a few steps you will find yourself in the middle of a meadow, follow it for about 500 meters to go back into the woods. Along the way, a hidden corner on the bank of the stream resembles a small beach where it is advisable to stop!

At the end of this last path, turn right to cross a bridge and turn left towards the parking lot. A return to the car with the spirit refreshed and soothed by the calm, the song of the birds and the discovery of a place of which little is said.

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