Ruined sidewalks, dangerous access for pedestrians: ILM Auto company, angry, honks its horn at the Cahors town hall

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In addition to the unsightly appearance of the broken pavements on the public road in front of ILM Auto, this company mentions a safety problem and would like to be put in the same boat as other dealerships whose damaged pavements have been repaired. Why not ILM Auto in the same spirit? This company is impatient. The city reacts and responds to him.

The bad luck is on Nathan Azaïs, who runs the used vehicle sales, maintenance and repair business ILM Auto with Elise Fortier.

In 2021 he cited his operating loss of 4,500 euros per month due to the unbearable and recurring presence of resin on his cars. Resin that flowed happily ever after over badly damaged bodies and hoods.

Since then, trees have been cut or pruned in this area where car dealerships have flourished. Nathan Azaïs and Elise Fortier had not been served first. Quite the last peer.

Last served, but when?

This is another problem that this company is going through, still being the last served, for a completely different problem involving the pavements this time in very bad condition in front of ILM Auto.

“Only in front of our house, because broken or badly damaged sidewalks have been redone at our nearby dealerships. Why not in our house in the same spirit?” asks the young boss.

Nathan Azaïs then, logically enough, turned to the town hall of Cahors to complain of having been forgotten and then insistently recalled the state of his sidewalks and the level of danger this represented for his customers, the users of this pedestrian portion located on the public road.

False good news that quickly make ILM Auto disillusioned

Good news, after this reminder: Laurent Bocahut, director of local service, contacts Nathan Azaïs: “He called me to tell me that my sidewalks would be redone between March 1 and 15. On the 13th, still not seeing anything coming, while work had long since finished at the others, I called the town hall services again to ask where it was, to my surprise I was told it depended on the budget vote to be held in April” the ILM Auto boss details .

Like a bad course, the potholes follow one another and look alike from the road and the sidewalk.
DDM-MS photo

This response, which the company considers a step backwards, was not enough to put out the fire. There is urgency, because on rainy days the potholes in the sidewalks fill up with water and the passage between these “traps” proves to be very delicate and dangerous for pedestrians.

One demolition for extension and works in August 2022

“For the needs of our expansion, we demolished a house, carried out major earthworks, large machinery drove over already damaged pavements and this only accentuated their previous poor condition. The same phenomenon occurred at Nissan and Toyota continues Nathan Azaïs. The work he describes here was done last August.

“The city then told me my sidewalks would be treated early this year. Despite my reminders, I haven’t heard back,” he is surprised. Contacted by us, Laurent Bocahut did not want to talk and suggested that we contact the Cahors mayor’s office.

The city responds and promises Nathan Azaïs a job

The city of Cahors assures that it does not take the file lightly and indicates that it “gave the green light to the director of the local service, a few weeks ago, to schedule this work this year, as far as possible. The fact remains that “We have to vote on the city budget. This vote is scheduled for Wednesday.”

If we understand correctly, this work, which is hardly a large project, could start very quickly. The city and ILM Auto seem to agree on this need.

For his part, insisting on the dangers of this destroyed place and the unsightly side that damages the image of his company, Nathan hopes for action after the encouraging response from the city. He considers the sale “almost flawless cars” and wishes he could say the same about the curb and his parking lot.

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