Rodez. Fair Trade: Ghislain Anglade very busy!

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The “Au Four Gourmand” bakery is the first to commit to the Agri ethical label, in partnership with the Calvet mill in Rignac.

Ghislain Anglade, owner of the “Au Four Gourmand” bakery, on avenue de Toulouse, is the first artisan baker in the Aveyron to undertake “L’Etiquette Agri Etica”, a fair and French label. He undertakes this new project for a period of three years together with the Calvet mill in Rignac. This label, born in the Vendée “guarantees a fair remuneration of farmers by insuring their production costs, allows the mobilization of local actors and acts for the environment and animal welfare” explains Maxime Bonnard, responsible for the development of fair trade sectors at Agri éthique.

“A matter of values ​​and sensitivity”

This Friday, on the eve of the launch of the fair trade fortnight, the latter was present in the Ruthenian bakery to highlight this new label. It must be said that an important upstream work was carried out by his teams, with the Aveyron seed company RAGT and the miller Rignacois. This, to write the paper that frames the label, this acting as a leitmotif harmonizing the relationships between each of the players in the sector. And also guaranteeing an economic horizon, establishing the price of wheat for the next three years, which is therefore no longer dependent on the volatility of world prices.

All to satisfy the main interested party who is the consumer. “Because today’s consumer is increasingly looking for how and with what the product he is going to buy is made. Defending this fair approach is a matter of values ​​and sensitivity”, explains the commercial director of the Moulin Calvet, Richard Schultz. The mill has been working with this Ruthenian bakery for four years.

Ghislain and Aurélie Anglade, founded nine years ago, are delighted to be part of this approach. “Especially because flour is the raw material we use, so we want to move towards complete transparency towards the consumer. It’s giving meaning to what we do, it’s a completely different feeling. This project of working together for quality and ecology is close to my heart.” It’s not your loyal customers who will complain!

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