ROC: let’s take the same ones and start again for next season

the essential
Always united, the rocisti have opted for change in continuity. The Chaurien club is already preparing the 2023-2024 season on behalf of Federal 1. The ROC also has nearly 600 licensees.

The general assembly of ROCastelnaudary was held on July 12 at the club house of the Coubertin stadium in the presence of MM. Patrick Maugard mayor of the city and general councillor, Philippe Clerk 1st deputy and president of the community of communes, Jocelyn Brousse elected to the Ligue d’Occitanie and Alain Palausse president of the departmental committee of Rugby. The moral and sporting report presented by Yannick Largé and Olivier Calvet, with a 38% increase in the number of licensees, was voted unanimously. The same was true of the financial report drawn up by Stéphane Bergerou and Benoît Sibra, which saw the club’s budget increase by 30%, a budget necessary to perpetuate the ROC in Federal 1. With the utmost transparency, Stéphane Bergerou announced 459,111 euros of income for 455,818 euros of expenses, or a small balance of 3,293 euros. As required by the texts, the post then resigned before being renewed, once again unanimously. It is true that a winning team does not change. The triumvirate of presidents, Stéphane Bergerou, Olivier Calvet and Benoît Sibra will then continue their journey in the company of the general secretary Daniel Lefort and the treasurer Nelly Fauche. In his speech, the mayor underlined the beautiful image that the Chaurien rugby club has given to his city and wanted to congratulate this association masterfully led by former first team players. He has not forgotten the volunteers without whom nothing would be possible. Philippe Greffier, while Stéphane Bergerou thanked him for the support given to the club by the community of municipalities, answered back and forth: “I only have one word to say, thank you! At the end, the presidents gave the two elected two rugby balls with the logo of the municipality of Castelnaudary. His last stated that they would be enthroned in the right place in their offices.

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