Road safety: section speed cameras replaced by automatic speed cameras… the number of fines will triple

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Considered too expensive and not profitable enough, section radars may soon disappear from our roads… in favor of devices that will flash three times as many motorists.

Appeared in 2012, section radars measure the average speed of a vehicle between point A and point B. If necessary, they report any excess speed, which is then fined. Devices that are targeted by Road Safety, report 20 minutes. In fact, the organization has found that it flashes three times fewer motorists than automatic turret radars, 5,000 versus 14,000 on average per year.

“Pinching the Pockets of Motorists”

40 million motorists denounce “an unacceptable policy which once again puts the health of the state coffers before the safety of motorists”. “It’s actually more the profitability of these devices that worries the authorities. In fact, they just don’t generate enough money through fines! With this latest demonstration of the search for the most profitable enforcement system possible, we have once again proof that speed cameras they are not there to guarantee the safety of users, but rather to steal the pockets of motorists”, launches the association.

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