Restaurant tickets 2022: be careful, you have until March 15 to change them

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From 1 March 2022, restaurant tickets in paper format are no longer valid. They can still be exchanged for free until March 15 for 2023 tickets.

From 1 March 2023, the 2022 meal vouchers in paper format are no longer valid. However, you still have the option until March 15th to give them to your employer against the 2023 tickets, free of charge. The latter can, until 31 March, have them refunded or exchanged.

However, if you have a card, it all depends on the issuer (Edenred, Sodexo, Upjeuner and Bimpli rest). With some, your balance transfer is automatic, and you can use this money for one year, until February 28, 2024. With others, you’ll need to request the transfer of any remaining money to your new 2023 balance.

Every year, on average, 700 million euros of restaurant vouchers go unused and lose their validity. This is a loss of 145 euros per beneficiary employee.

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