REQUEST FOR TEST. Taxes, invoices, formalities… do you suffer from “administrative phobia”? tell us

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As the tax filing deadline approaches, some taxpayers are under pressure to defer this type of filing obligation. Do you know this anguish? Your testimony is interesting for La Dépêche du Midi.

For most taxpayers, the period is not a pleasant one: the tax return deadline is very close. And for some French people, this prospect even turns into a nightmare so much that they refuse this obligation. Victims of “administrative phobia,” they feel a great deal of pressure to dig into their papers to fulfill their tax duty. If this is your case, your testimony interests us.

Whether it’s to declare your taxes, to pay your bills, to file your documents, to do your accounts or to carry out a simple administrative procedure, you feel an uncontrollable repulsion and you are used to rejecting everything… it’s an “administrative phobia” that forces you to “procrastinate”. An “evil” that can have harmful consequences in everyday life and also cost dearly to those who suffer from it. If you recognize yourself in this description, you can tell us about your case using the form below, a journalist will be able to contact you. Your testimony can of course be completely anonymous.

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