Renewable energies: Lot-et-Garonne turns to solar

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On Thursday May 25, the Valorizon union and Sem Argies met in Damazan as part of a partnership with four municipalities in the department for the construction of several solar power plants.

With the rise of renewable energies, which have become essential for environmentally friendly energy production, departmental actors are also getting their hands dirty to propose innovative and responsible proposals. It is with this in mind that Lot-et-Garonne has decided to switch to solar energy. Indeed, the joint waste treatment union Valorizon and the mixed economy company Argies have launched a partnership dedicated to the production of solar energy in the waste storage sites of the municipalities of Miramont-de-Guyenne, Monflanquin, Nicole and Réaup-Lisse . “With this collaboration we will be able to install photovoltaic power stations on degraded and unused land to supply energy to several thousand homes in these municipalities”, rejoices Pascal de Sermet, president of Sem Argies and mayor of Colayrac-Saint-Cirq. Each photovoltaic system will be specific to each of the municipalities in which it will be located and will meet certain specific needs.

Everyone signed a photovoltaic panel that symbolized the collaboration

Why photovoltaic?

Popular they used to be, solar panels no longer have the same rating they did a few years ago. However, the department wanted to make it a priority in terms of renewable energy under this partnership. And for good reason, the decline in the cost of solar PV has been spectacular over the past decade, thanks in particular to improvements in panel performance. Furthermore, the optimization of the construction of the plants now makes it possible to produce electricity at around 10 cents per kWh against 60 ten years ago. “It’s a great time to switch to solar. It is a golden opportunity to build over time and in the long term, it is so far the largest solarisation project that Lot-et-Garonne has ever seen”, underlines Michel Masset, president of Valorizon. This desire to invest in solar energy is also reflected in the recycling rate of the silicon panels, which stands at 95%, one of the greatest qualities of this forward-thinking technology. Furthermore, the energy required for the production of the panels and the construction of the plant represents only two years of production of the solar plant, which is expected to operate for 30 years. “Solar energy has the potential to become a major source of electricity supply in the Lot-et-Garonne, at a very competitive cost. The recovery of degraded sites, where the plants will be located, is an excellent solution for rehabilitation”, continues the managing director of Argies.

Other projects in progress

In addition to solar power plants, Sem Argies also wants to explore the question of methanization. This process used for the production of biogas from organic matter would be one of the avenues for reflection for the society of our area. “We would like to eventually reach 50 methanizers in the department to ensure that Lot-et-Garonne is completely autonomous in terms of energy production,” concludes Pascal de Sermet. An objective certainly consistent, but conceivable according to the actors of renewables.

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