Recruitment in the Gers: when the Pole Emploi relies on skills rather than CVs

the essential
Recruiting is a challenge for companies. Pole Emploi now offers to extend your search to people with skills rather than degrees. Example in L’Isle-Jourdain.

When contacted by a plumbing company to find employees, the manager of a temp agency in L’Isle-Jourdain found none… Her contact at Pole Emploi then offered her the job via simulation . No CV, no diploma, no previous experience required, just exercises to see whether or not the candidate has the skills for the position.

“This system aims to look for skills that correspond to a position, rather than diplomas, explains Jean-Louis Cabrol, of the Pole Emploi de Lislois. We carry out an analysis of the position in the company, which foresees the observation of the plumbers’ activities, in this specific case. The Pole Emploi service will then propose exercises that highlight the candidate’s skill. “It can be soft skills, quality or know-how. Or even stress management. »

Gathered in the wedding hall of the town hall of L’Isle-Jourdain, 19 people had responded to the proposal, out of the 25 contacted. These candidates, who had no connection to the trade, then worked on a mechanic and an instruction booklet, or work postures questions. “These workshops can also take place in the company, notes Jean-Louis Cabrol. The exercises are built in collaboration with employers and this format allows a large number of people to pass the employment tests in a short time. »

Atypical profiles

This recruitment method has already been used in the Gers, but for specific sectors. “We had developed it for personal services or for aeronautics, explains the director of the Pole Emploi lislois, Alexandre Laffont. But it is applicable to everything. And the method, although it may seem random, is very effective for all trades. Candidates thus hired remain in office longer than the others.

Is having a degree still useful? “Yes, it is complementary, says Alexandre Laffont, but the tension around L’Isle-Jourdain is such that we need to recruit more people. Thus, among the people hired with a temporary contract, there is a hairdresser, or a car mechanic. “I would never have found these profiles and they would never have been presented,” admits Sandra Pedro, director of Proman L’Isle-Jourdain.

Won over by the method, she intends to use this type of recruitment more regularly. On Tuesday it signed a partnership with Pole Emploi for recruitment support.

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