Réalmont: At La Bâtisse, we want to save real campsites

the essential
At the La Bâtisse campsite, the management couple are determined to do just that
fight to save real campsites with tents, caravans
and campers.

Last Friday, the 20 o’clock newspaper of France 2 illustrated a theme on campsites with a sequence filmed the same morning at the campsite… de la Bâtisse in Réalmont. He summoned a collective made up of campsite managers and citizens who proposed a petition entitled “Let’s save the real campsite” on the Change.org website.

This group has noticed that more and more campsites are no longer accepting RVs. This observation is related to economic evidence. A rented pitch is infinitely more profitable than a bare pitch.

In the near future, the collective fears that all campsites will turn into holiday villages or tourist complexes. It is not a question of questioning the evolution and development of mobile homes or the undeniable upward movement of campsites.

Only 4 mobile homes on 47 pitches

It is a natural evolution of the business sector, reflecting the changing needs and expectations of holidaymakers. “But a campsite that no longer accepts motorhomes is no longer a campsite,” hammers out the site.

The two-star municipal campsite La Bâtisse offers just four mobile homes on forty-seven spacious and shaded pitches on the right bank of the Dadou.

“We have campers in tents, tourists in caravans or campers who come back every year. And this year we welcome a lot of Dutch people”, observe the manager Sabine and her partner Daniel.

On the other hand, and to clearly mark the difference with campsites equipped only with mobile homes, the collective wants a reasonable minimum of pitches to be set aside for bare pitches to accommodate tents, caravans and motorhomes and thus justify the name campsite.

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