Real estate: rents continue to rise in Toulouse

Toulouse has just over 65% of tenants (Insee figure). According to the study, the average rent including expenses for accommodation in Toulouse is 658 euros for 40 m2 on average, or a ratio of 16.43 €/m2.

The rent per square meter increased slightly by +1% in one year (€16.27/m2 early 2022), a much smaller increase than that following the health crisis. Toulouse remains in second place among the most expensive major cities in Occitania, after Montpellier showing €18.35/m2.

Small surfaces, at the top of sought-after rentals

Compared to the rest of France, the average rent per square meter in Toulouse is significantly higher than the average for provincial municipalities (13.63 €/m2).

As a student city, small areas are at the top of rents in Toulouse. On average, single rooms offer an area of ​​13m22 and rent for 417 €, studios, 494 € for 22 m2 and two-room apartments, € 552 for 28 m2. For two-room apartments, the average surface area observed is 41 m22 and the average rent of 668 €, and a T3 of 62 m2 rents for €852.

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