R d’Autan: The start of the new school year is already in the works

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The Vaurean association radio R d’Autan is preparing for its return, especially with a new way of dealing with local news.

Every day of the week, the association radio offered an hour-long magazine and information column, “Autan le dire”, starting at noon. “This system of a succession of news and live broadcasts was born in the time of Covid. We want to keep this slice of daily information but we will change things ”, explains Carla Caldeira, director of the antenna.

On the programme, a musical report, a weather report, a shorter diary of about ten minutes and a moment with “The guest of the day”. “There is a desire to really tackle current events without making it too short, leaving people time to express themselves without it being a magazine”, underlines Carla Caldeira. A political, social or social editorial magazine will follow before a cultural agenda. One day a week is a magazine co-produced with other departmental membership radios.

The idea of ​​this new format which will take shape at the beginning of the school year marks the desire to dedicate more time, especially to the guest of the day. “He will also be doing a lot more releases. We realized that to process information, you have to go with people rather than bring them to the studio,” says Carla Caldeira.

This time slot has the particularity of being produced by the entire radio team: Christine for the newspaper section, Clémentine for culture and Occitan and Claire who is more in the production of magazines and special broadcasts.

“Reshuffling the cards on this new grid also offers an advantage for the team. It is small and this avoids anticipating a certain tiredness. We have a team that needs to be versatile. We also have to adapt to what listeners want and offer new things, new formats,” notes Xavier Beneteau-Mora, president of the association. Next year should also see more “Autan y aller”, programs produced by the markets.

The new grid is expected to see the light on August 28 with major events scheduled for the general celebrations of the Lavaur, the association forums after a very studious summer.

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